Every being upon this planet deserves to be healthy within themselves and within their relationship to others.


You have the power and choice to create yourself and your own life as you chose.


You and I have the opportunity to embrace discovering, learning and empowering ourselves how to live in consistant balance within ourselves,

which takes living each moment of life conciously.


Life is a movement in realtionships!


When you and I come together in relationship

to one another it is a relationship based

in Mutual Respect,

and Constructive, Open and Honest communications.


We conciously chose to co create our experience,

each of us being fully responsible for ourselves

and our own experience

and what we do with it or not.


I offer my years of expertise,

experience and insights to assist you

in helping yourself to return home to

or sustain a consistent healthy relationship

to yourself.


In integrity...












We are in the process of developing the financial investive aspect of creating our Educational living community project

where we will be practicing in our every moment of living

those life arts or skills, if you prefer, 

to direct experientially educate others in these skills

and live our own lives positively, healthily

and in a self sufficent manner.


An intergration of those important qualities within our lives

which we have discovered though out our lives so far make the vital difference in being in balance with ourselves and one another.


These include teaching about:

Natural Health and Healing ;

Organics and Permaculture;

Self sufficency;

Self discovery through self exploration and celebration;

Indigenous living skills;

Wild life rehabilitation and rescue;

and other aspects.